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As a self-taught artist with Autism, Jake Dion is passionate about animals-especially elephants, volunteering at the zoo, gardening in his own yard, and his art. Jake’s detailed drawings are renderings of animals and things that touch his heart.  His drawings have a distinctive detail and texture about them. The texture comes from difficulty regulating pressure in his hand, but leads to a multi-dimensional effect that people enjoy. He calls himself a “Surgeon Artist” because he likes to fix the animals he draws. Broken tusks and torn ears are restored.  He feels like he is helping the animals by mending them.

As a non-verbal child until the age of 6 ½, Jake would draw pictures to communicate with his mom.  For many years in junior high and high school, Jake’s teachers discouraged his drawing and said he should not waste time. When he was in high school in Colorado, several teachers strongly encouraged him to draw again.  For the past few years Jake has been working on graphite pencil drawings and learning how to “mix colors.” Jake’s first attempt at a Watercolor was the Peach painting displayed.  The original hangs proudly in his family’s home.

Recently, Jake decided he should write or illustrate a children's book to encourage other children and adults with Autism to pursue their talents and interests.

Jake has been commissioned to draw two special pieces of art for the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort and the Goodwill Foundation in Colorado Springs. His work has been auctioned at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s “Art on the Hoof,” for the Enchanted Evening at Goodwill Foundation of Southern Colorado, and has been displayed at various locations in Colorado.

Jake appreciates your encouragement and continued friendship.


Jake Dion





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